My Envy Box ( February 2014 )

My Envy Box is a website with a similar concept to the Glossybox and Vellvette(now Fabbag). For the price of ₹850/month you'll receive 5 beauty/skincare samples with 'Envy points' to redeem on full sized products on their website. What sets My Envy Box apart is that it retails high-end brands like Thalgo, Rene Furterer, L'Occitaine and so on. So I was pretty excited to review this one. Here's all the products I received in my box.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS - The box itself is an orangey-peach, magnetic box with the brand logo printed on top. Inside there was a note and a complimentary Givenchy Consultation card. The products were in this lovely multi-coloured pouch. (I plan to stitch a zipper on top to transform it into a make-up pouch!) I absolutely ADORED the packaging. No extra fluff and super fuss-free. Since My Envy Box uses a reputed courier service, you know that the products won't be damaged in-transit.

1. Rene Furterer Moisturising Milk Shampoo 15 ml {150 ml - ₹1320}
2. Thalgo Oxygen SOS Serum 2+2 ml {30 ml - ₹3125}
3. Eminence Organics Chocolate Mousse Hydration Masque sample {60 ml - ₹4393}
4. Forest Essentials Luscious Lip Balm Sugared Rose Petal 5 gm {5 gm - ₹595}
5. Givenchy Dahlia Noir EDT 1 ml {50 ml - ₹4745/125ml - ₹7499} + Givenchy Gentlemen Only EDT 1 ml {50 ml - ₹4110/ 100ml - ₹5695}

BONUS - Each product came with a corresponding description card + a complimentary Givenchy makeup consultation card.

LE REVIEW - While I'm trying to save these products  for when I'm travelling, I couldn't help but sample a few. The perfume samples are probably my favourite products in this box. Since it's a Valentine's Day themed box, they added a men's EDT "for that special man in your life!"
This month, they included a full size product i.e. the Forest Essentials Lip Balm which I was so excited to try! It came in a brown box (pictured above) inside a little white muslin pouch with the Forest Essentials logo printed on it. Considering that the lip balm itself retails at ₹595, paying ₹850 for the box is definitely worth it.
I might try the serum and chocolate masque over the weekend. The masque looks good enough to eat, no?

FINAL THOUGHTS - The purpose of these beauty boxes is to make you sample a variety of products in the hopes that you'll buy the full-sized product without spending a ton of money and regretting it later. I think when it comes to high end brands, this concept works exceptionally well. For the price of ₹850 you get to sample products which you would never approach otherwise. Even though 'My Envy Box' isn't customised, I like that they give samples that have universal appeal. The quality of each product speaks for itself.
Overall I loved the sheer variety of the products. If you're lucky, they may even slip in a copy of the latest Elle magazine! Considering they gave me a full sized product which retails at approx 3/4th the price of the box it really is value for money.

You can request for an invite here

[c/o The box was sent to me to review for free but my opinion is honest and uninfluenced. Always!]


  1. Mmm, I bet that box smelled wonderful :)

  2. wow! This looks amazing! Great post!


  3. ooo beautiful! I wish I could get one of these boxes! I always hear about them!! :) following you back!

    love, polly

    1. Ah! I love your blog. Thanks for following! <3

  4. the pink lip gloss pot is beautiful!


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