Things I'm Obsessing Over #4

♥ I am in the process of growing out my bangs. As much as I love my fringe, it's high maintenance. Some days I just don't want to worry about how my bangs look constantly. The Beauty Department is kind of my go to site for all things makeup related and this post really helped. There's also the oldie but goodie post by Julie from the Orchid Grey with some very helpful tips and this Refinery 29 article with 3 DIY hairstyles. I'm totally going to try the braided one soon!

♥ These polaroids taken by Andy Warhol of celebrities are quite charming.

♥ I heard about the Runaway Bicycle from the Smriti Rao's lovely blog, Vintage Obsession. I really like the simple vintage-inspired silhouettes made with traditional Indian textiles. They're also quite decently priced! You can buy some of their clothing here. I know I will!

♥ I hope to have my own vintage shop someday and this article about running a vintage shop is quite inspiring. I really wish we had more second-hand vintage clothing stores in India. (I think I might have broken some sort of record for using the word vintage in one post)

♥ I've really been into home decor lately & multi functionality is always a turn on (wait, what?) so this desk by day bed by night invention is nothing short of ingenious as our homespaces get smaller by the minute. Not to mention more expensive!

♥ Kitchens can be quite boring compared to the rest of the house but the kitchens from the seventies definitely prove otherwise. Most of all, I love the futuristic 'Clockwork Orange' kind of vibe in these pictures.

♥ Hashtag PSA! For all my fellow people living with chronic bitchface This illustration is on point! I've been in similar situations like this and it just makes me angrier instead of the intended opposite!

♥ Chino Otsuka, a photographer, super imposed pictures of her current self into her childhood pictures in a series called Imagine Finding Me. This series seeps with nostalgia while blurring the line between time and space. It really makes me wonder what it would be like to meet a younger version of me.

♥ I absolutely love this simple DIY snow-capped mountain mousepad. Perfect gift for a tech obsessed friend.

♥ "In 2014, I resolve to spend more time with cake." - Truer words have never been uttered before. Here is the Resolution cake!

♥ The End of the Year '13 lookbook for The Loved One, modelled by co-owner Hannah Landon, is so beautifully styled. I really wish I could own some of TLO's pieces but for now they serve as exceptional inspiration. Remember the Nancy Drew inspired lookbook?

♥ Of course, Beyonce has been playing in my house. 'Nuff said.


  1. Omg this entire post is perfect!x

  2. Awesome links :) 'Imagine Finding Me' is my favourite - just the right combination of nostalgia and oddity in my opinion. Also, I have been obsessed with Beyonce forever~ glad to see her on the list.



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