Wish(list)ful Thinking

I always make outfit wishlists but lately I've been coveting nothing but stuff for home and make-up(it partly has to do with my overflowing closet) so I had to make a wishlist of what I wanted for Christmas. A girl can dream, no?

1.One Small Stoop Floor Mat
2.Home Sweet Houseboat Wall Hook
3.Scalloped cake stand
4.Petite Tea Set
5.Anzo Trunk

If I had it my way, I would've bought everything in the collage for my room. I've been thinking of redesigning it since it's been the same for years and frankly a change would be refreshing. It's so difficult to find interesting stuff but online shopping has made it so much easier. These were things that I'd bookmarked, hoping that one day I could buy some of them. Some of it is way out of my budget but I'd like to buy a something similar like the trunk pictured above. The trunk is sort of a reflection of my obsession with all things Clarissa from the 90's Nickelodeon show Clarissa Explains It All. She had the best room ever! I mean a cool little window seat, a see-through phone,a hub cap wall, an old doll house for storage & her pet alligator!

1.The Balm - Rock the Look Make-Up Palette
2.M.A.C. - Ruby Woo
3.Paul & Joe Moisturising Lip Treatment Balm with Cat Make-Up Bag
4.Etude Ice-Cream Nailpaints
5.Benefit 'How To Look The Best At Everything' Make-Up Kit

I've been taking a slight interest in make up recently, primarily because of my newly found love for 'make-up gurus' on Youtube. Nevertheless, I'm still skeptical about buying too much make-up as I don't really wear it too often. The closest I've come to foundation is probably the BB stick from Maybelline that I bought recently just to try out. Besides that, I've been saving up for the M.A.C. Ruby Woo after I saw it in some random Youtube video about top ten M.A.C. lipsticks. I don't think I'll review it since almost every beauty blogger has! but anyway I digress.
Here's hoping that Santa sneaks in some of these prezzies under the tree!

What's on your Christmas Wishlist?

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