Tis' The Season To Wear Tights

I'd forgotten how Christmas felt. When you're a kid, Christmas always meant new clothes, presents, sweets & meeting relatives. But as we grow older, we lose our kiddie snow globe through which we saw the world. Everything isn't as rosy as it seemed before. People change, we change, nothing lasts..except maybe our eyeballs. I digress.

{Top - Thrifted (Mahim Market), Sweater & tights - Zara, Sunglasses - Blur Accessories, Chain - Asos}

I used to laugh at people wearing sweaters & sunglasses together. It kind of defeats their purpose, but where I live, it's super cold at sporadic intervals and super hot most of the time. So when it's chilly, with the sun in your face,you have no choice but to wear your geeky sunglasses & tug on your cable knit sweater, hoping you don't go bipolar emulating weather patterns.
The chain I'm wearing was one of those impulse buys from Asos. You know, when you've got money in the bank & you just want to buy stuff online. This was on sale & sold out within hours. Its navel-grazing length aside, the claw detail on it literally drew me in (no pun intended). It does look absurd in a creepy kind of way, but I love claw detailed jewellery. I even bought a claw ring to go with it! I guess my brain decides that claw jewellery is in fact appropriate festive adornment.

Listen to the tunes of alternative Yuletide merriment. Hopefully this playlist will solve the aforementioned problem. Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year, in advance!

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1. Got Something For You - Best Coast & Wavves
2. Christmas Is Coming Soon -  Blitzen Trapper
3. Christmas Party - The Walkmen
4. Don't Shoot Me Santa - The Killers
5. Season's Freaklings - Bunnygrunt
6. Christmas Wrapping - The Waitresses
7. Father Christmas - The Kinks
8. Run For You - Buke & Gass
9. Christmas - Rogue Wave
10. Xmas Cake - Rilo Kiley
11. Carol Of The Bells - The Bird & The Bee
12. The Christmas Song - The Raveonettes
13. Bittersweet Eve - Belasana
14. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen - Bright Eyes
15. All I Want For Christmas - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
16. The First Song - Band Of Horses
17. Christmas At The Zoo - The Flaming Lips
18. Candy Cane Children - The White Stripes
19. Everything's Gonna Be Cool This Christmas - EELS
20. I Wish It Was Christmas Today - Julian Casablancas
21. Get Down For The Holidays - Jenny O
22. White Winter Hymnal - The Fleet Foxes
23. All I Want Is The Truth (This Christmas) - The Mynabirds
24. Queuing Up For Christmas - The Keys
25. This Will Be Our Year - The Zombies


  1. the elbow patches on your sweater are perfect!

  2. really cute! love the elbow patches, happy holidays to you as well! haha i love that you called it bipolar weather patterns

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  3. i love tights!!! in each way! i follow u on gfc hope u want to follow back! thanks and happy xmas.

  4. I wish I had found this playlist BEFORE Christmas as I have just spent the last week being subjected to Mariah Carey 'Christmas carols'. Definitely keeping this one on file for next year, haha!


  5. I adore this look! Great playlist, too.

    <3 Melissa


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