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Cardigan : Thrifted (Colaba Causeway) [Rs. 200]
Dress : Thrifted (Hill Road), [Rs. 100]
Shoes - La Judi (Hill Road) [Rs. 500]
Belt - Blur Designs, [Rs. 90] on sale
Bag - Vintage [Free!!!]
Total damage : Rs. 990 
Trying to capture me jumping turned out to be an epic fail. I almost look ghostly *shudders*. Speaking of shudders, it's finally getting chilly in Mumbai. Along with the winter came the flu. A week's worth of sniffles, phlegm & instant soup. Yay?
Thinking of DIY- ing these slippers with embroidery patches/spikes/velvet cutout moustaches. A little Zara inspo, maybe?

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  1. Cute pictures!!

    <3 Melissa


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