Inspired By : Dawn from Welcome To The Dollhouse

Welcome To The Dollhouse is a movie close to my heart because it's not only a very stylised kind of cutesy movie but also has a hidden social  commentary beneath the surface. One about bullying and it's effect on kids as well as favouritism from parents. The fact that she still keeps her head up no matter how much she's bullied for "being ugly" & "a pain" is what makes this movie one of my favourites. If you're a fan of The Princess Diaries, you'll know that Heather Matarazzo who played Lily Moscovitz i.e. Mia Thermopolis' BFF in it also played Dawn Weiner in Welcome To The Dollhouse!

  •  Dawn is the quintessential, misunderstood tween girl trying to scrape her way through the jungle called middle school. Her style is not only cute but also quirky. 
  • She has a penchant for floral prints, interesting collars & geeky see-through framed glasses!
  • She loves mixing bright solid colours without looking garish or out of place.
  • The 't-shirt tucked in pants' is the signature "Dawn Weiner" look

  •  She's seen wearing her hair in a pony tail for most of the movie.
  •  She loves wearing quirky hair ties and interesting jewellery.


Dawn Weiner inspired Polyvore collages : 

Welcome To The Dollhouse

Welcome To The Dollhouse : Movie Inspiration

Although this is quite a dark movie, it is a must watch for people of all ages. Welcome To The Dollhouse is one of those movies which are highly under-appreciated works of art. I don't condone watching this movie when you're in a particularly good mood but when you do, you will understand that we have all been Dawn Weiner at some point in our lives.
(note : All screenshots taken by me)


  1. Wow I remeber her. I think this has inspired me to check this movie out!

  2. It's a great movie, nice looks you put together.


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