1 shirt 2 ways

Another homage to a vintage hand me down i.e. this black silk blouse. I'm pretty sure it's not tailor made like my other vintage hand me downs. It had ginormous Milli Vanilli - esque shoulder pads which I gleefully removed much to the chagrin of my mom. Guess you can remove the girl out of the 80's but you can't..err you get the drift.
 I was toying with the idea of switching the buttons with some huge gold ones from a very unflattering puff sleeve blouse but then I realised the button holes weren't big enough. This blouse goes with almost everything, wear it grungy or tucked under a floral skirt.
The floral skirt in question is also vintage. I didn't even have to tweak it, that's how perfect it was!
PS- these pics were taken before I chopped off my hair to my shoulders. I immediately regretted it but I think I pulled off an Alexa Chung effectively.

Blouse & skirt - Vintage, studded slim belt- Bandra, Envelope clutch & satin flats - Zara

Denim shorts - Levis (Thrifted from Colaba), Studded belt - Thrifted (PAX, Colaba), Shoes- Zara (Men's)


  1. I love that silk shirt with the floral skirt combo!

  2. What pretty flats in the first outfit!

  3. That skirt is sooo pretty.



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