What To Wear : On A Rainy Day

The weather cannot make up it's mind! Sometimes it rains like there's no tomorrow & sometimes ( like today) it's bright & sunny & incredibly HOT. I've also contracted the inevitable cold & fever from this weather bipolar disorder(WBD). Hopefully I'll make some sense in this blogpost. *sigh*

I made a couple of outfit inspiration sets on Polyvore( specifically monsoon friendly) & I'm addicted to it! creating outfits , adding my own pictures & backgrounds, endless opportunities! So considering the current weather conditions, I made weather appropriate outfit sets (since it's so difficult to be practical & fashionable when you're out & about in the city!)


What to wear : On A rainy day


What To wear On a rainy day

The essentials : Rain boots, umbrella and/or raincoat
They don't have to be boring & mundane. I always buy colourful rain gear because no matter what, it will always brighten up your day.
If you think you're outfit is too loud, break the coloured mess with black rubber boots or a transparent raincoat/umbrella (They never go out of style)

One thing I hate is a BLACK UMBRELLA! It maybe versatile & reasonable but surely you can do way better than a plain black umbrella. Go for a dark green/navy blue if you're too scared of colours but personally I think colourful umbrellas are your best bet!

When it comes to shoes, there's the dilemma of finding THE PERFECT RAIN BOOT, by this I mean not just any footwear but a pair of shoes you know & trust that it will always be there for you ( Yes, BFF'S) . I bought these beauties from Lifestyle (last season)& through thick & thin muck they've not once broken.
Of course the added bonus is that they look good too but in my opinion if you find the ugliest looking rain boots or wellingtons or jelly flats that feel like the most comfortable thing your feet have felt then I say HUG THEM LIKE THEY'RE THE BEST THINGS ON THE PLANET. Look for comfort first & then style when it comes to monsoon footwear.

Your bag is like your best friend too. It keeps all your essentials together &  blah blah. But finding THE BEST MONSOON BAG is where your problem begins. There's the eponymous plastic see- through bag (which personally I dislike because I definitely don't prefer showcasing the untidy innards of my bag) The opaque, hard, plastic bag is your best bet just because it keeps your stuff dry! & also because it comes in  a variety of colours. There's also the faux leather type bag which is looks pretty good but I've found that somehow the humidity makes it's way through. DO NOT USE YOUR LEATHER, SUEDE & VELVET BAGS. Keep them away from moisture by storing them in plastic bags. Tip : If you're afraid that your bags will lose shape because of being tightly crammed within your cupboards, then stuff them with woollen sweaters, old cloth pieces or newspaper to maintain their shape.

Your outfit speaks louder than words ( Yes, I just made that up because it's true!)
These days I prefer wearing shorts & skirts with the occasional leggings. College goers have it tough because  of the lame dress code which prohibits wearing sleeveless tops, dresses but gladly allows transparent see-through salwar kameez. *SMH* .
I would wear thin denim pants or colourful leggings to college for lack of any other option. Definitely don't cross denim off your rain wear list because there are certain types of denim which dry really fast & are light-weight too.
Avoid leather items of any sort. Those expensive leather pants cannot be salvaged once ruined in a downpour Been there, done that  .

An outfit cannot be complete without JEWELLERY! Stick to enamel or plastic jewellery since metal & water don't mix.

And that's it! That's all you need to know about staying fashionable & practical in the monsoons. Hope you have a great weekend. Ciao!

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  1. I really love the first outfit you've put together, I'd just add a pair of tights to protect my legs from the rain :)

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