I'm Moving Past The Feeling

We all have those instant connections with some people & you just know things are going to work out. Everything is karmically sound & the final piece of puzzle is in it's rightful place. That is exactly what I felt when I saw these studded flats at Zara. I knew I had to have them even if they were quite expensive (for me Rs. 1800 is a bit too much for flats) So i quietly snuck these cult-ish looking slingbacks into my net bag before I changed my mind. I particularly liked this amazing black leather bag which sorta rivaled my previous Zara bag. I wasn't ready to pay almost 3 grand for that beauty.

After splurging at Zara, I headed to Colaba because Hey! I'm almost broke but since I'm already in South Bombay I might as well visit this neck of the woods & empty my pockets once and for all! That's when I saw this studded leather coil of gorgeousness at PAX. Od-ing on 50 shades of Grey Remember the aforementioned karmic connection jazz? Yep, 2nd time in a day. It looked like my Zara flats finally had a thrifty little soul mate.

They look happy together or maybe it's just me.


  1. You're right, they do look good together. I'm not really a flats girl but lately I've been considering a pair of summer sandals when I head back for fall and a simple statement pair like yours would be ideal I think.


  2. Haha, they look like siblings :D


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