Playlist : Monsoon Mix

The rain gods have heard our plea. The streets are shiny. I see my reflection in a puddle, I'm wearing my favourite see-through raincoat & my trusty orange umbrella sways in response to the wind . I look closely at my reflection, I notice my bright purple shoes. Most of all I notice sheer glee dancing on my face, like that of a kid's. I jump right into the puddle. Water everywhere. Delirium ensues.

Wetsuit - The Vaccines
Silvery Sleds - Army Navy
Hermit The Frog - Marina & the diamonds
Rain - Bishop Allen
Mansard Roof - Vampire Weekend
Strong Black Coffee - Jared Mees And the Grown Children
Rain - Mika
Crack The Shutters - Snow Patrol
Shine On - Kooks

Just a little playlist I made after scouring my music collection. Do you have a favourite monsoon song?


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