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As I'd mentioned on my twitter, I was working on compiling a new series of blogposts inspired by fashion seen in movies, TV shows & the like. I'm always looking out for inspiration everywhere & recently I chanced upon a  this movie called "Flipped". Its a coming-of-age, romantic, teen movie told from the perspective of two young adults, Bryce & Juli. To be honest, I never thought I'd like this movie, but as I was watching it I fell in love with the simplicity & honesty of its characters.The bond between Bryce & Juli is pure & innocent, not like something we would see in movies these days. The film is based in the 60's & so the fashion is also reminiscent of that era. 
In this series, I'll be stating tips & tricks (sort of analysis) on how to achieve a character's look right from the style to makeup amongst others.

  • Juli is definitely a tomboyish character & her style reflects that. 
  • She wears a lot of loose blouses, pants (probably hand-me-downs), & plaid t-shirts. 
  • Her style is simple & unique, it perfectly blends her farm life & her suburban up bringing. 
  • Her style evolves gradually from Tomboy-ish to lady-like. She becomes headstrong towards the end of the film as she sports little pinafores & cute floral dresses. 
  • The colours that she gravitates to are mustard, blood red, dusty pink & musty green.

  • She keeps her hair simple & natural. Nothing too over -the-top & flashy. 
  • Sometimes she sports the occasional braid or ponytail. 
  • Her makeup is very minimalistic or rather barely there. To achieve her look a run a little kohl on the top of your eyelids, a little blush on the cheeks & a little lipbalm should suffice. 

  • Her bedroom is a reflection of her personality- simple with a hint of girlishness. 
  • The white study table, full length mirror, wrought iron bed & pink lamp are focus points in her bedroom. 
  • Notice the room partition in pic 2! That is a brilliant idea to liven up the corners of your bedroom. Most department stores sell room partitions & you can double it up as a cool little changing room too! (I digress :P) 
  • Lace curtains also bring along a little brightness to a room. 

So what do you guys think? Let me know how you feel about this new series.(honest feedback!) I tried my best to make it a bit objective without making it sound like a review. These are just my personal views & observations on Juli's & I highly recommend watching Flipped. It is one of those films you'll never tire of watching. 

Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend! Ciao!

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( note : All snapshots were taken by me)

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