How To : Manage Curly Hair

One of my readers asked me how I got my bangs straight all the time so I thought this was a perfect excuse for another post !
 I'm pretty low maintenance when it comes to my hair routine.After a shower I simply towel dry my hair & rarely blow dry. Also, I have thick & curly hair which gets frizzy as soon as my hair is dry. I barely comb my hair except for my bangs because if I do then my hair gets frizzier & my curls get out of control.

  • I use an anti frizz cum heat resistant spray before straightening my bangs.Its called the "FX Special Effects Flat iron" spray.(Tip -I spray it on my bangs with my palm beneath the bangs to shield my eyes from the spray)
  • I quickly flat iron my bangs till they're straight on medium heat.I use a Panasonic Straightener & curler  with extensions for different styles.
  • Next I use this hairspray called "Catwalk Tigi Curls Rock" all over my hair & scrunch it with my fingers.
The spray really helps keep my bangs straighter for longer & also it appears shinier which is always good. I haven't tried many other hair products because I stick to a routine which works for me. Do let me know about products you guys swear by, I could use a couple of reviews!


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