Coloured Hair Must Haves

Coloured hair can be a hassle most of the time. Direct sunlight, swimming pools, sulfate shampoos are not your best friends when you have to maintain coloured hair. Back to the process of colouring, my friend, who's familiar with the process, did it for me. I'll spare you the fuzzy pictures but I got 2 bleachings done consecutively. I don't really know the specifications but if you're new to this (like me) I'd suggest to get a professional or an experienced friend to bleach and colour your hair. After an hour or so, she coloured my hair with Manic Panic's Ultra Violet, that I bought off Amazon. That was the easy part. Maintaining coloured hair is a constant struggle for anyone. I noticed my hair colour dissipating eventually and after recolouring numerous times, I've learnt the hard way that coloured hair is difficult! So I bought products that were literally my hair saviours.

Holy smokes, this conditioner saved my dry hair from being doomed forever & I'm not even exaggerating. Firstly it smells just like bananas and honey with a hint of coconut. I'm not the biggest fan of coconut scented products but this is a sole exception. I think I might just grab the shampoo as well.

1 Banana + 1 tsp honey + 1 tsp almond oil
I decided to make my own hair mask based on this conditioner and would you believe it? It works. I mixed in all the ingredients and applied it to the roots and along the length of my hair. An hour later, I washed my hair with water and I was left with amazingly soft hair.

Purple Haze

It's no secret that my favourite colour is purple so naturally I dyed my hair purple! I had been dying (pun intended) to colour my hair a wacky colour since forever and when I had the chance I sure did. Something to check off the bucket list. I was a bit sceptical about colouring my entire hair purple so I decided to do a purple ombre instead. A weird thing I've noticed is that my hair looks navy blue in florescent light but as my friends say, "You got two colours for the price of one!" I will definitely write a post soon all about the process but for now I can't help but look at my psychedelic, technicolor hair all the time!

Things I'm Obsessing Over #6

Whoa there! I've already made 5 of these? I love curating these posts because it's a great way to showcase what I've seen on the interwebs. In a way, share my favourite links or whatever catches my eye. I have a ton of links to share this time so let's get on with it!

♥ I'm absolutely in LOVE with Alex McLean's aerial photography. From the picturesque valleys of Italy to the arid landscapes of Arizona, he's got an amazing eye for patterns & symmetry. Promise you will get lost in his rabbit hole of a website. The second picture reminds me of this Kylie Minogue video!

♥ Speaking of symmetry and conciseness Andrew Myers' photographs are of a similar vein. Some naughty, some nice, some precise. Head to his website to check out more of his work.

♥ As a graphic designer,(I never thought I'd say that but yeah!) I'm always looking out for inspiration and when I bumped into this lovely site called the pattern library, I knew I'd struck a gold mine.

♥ Human error is a series of polaroid pictures combined with emotionally charged computer errors. Let go?

Mangalore : The Old & The New

Early May, I was at my grandparent's place in Mangalore. They sort of live in the outskirts of the actual Mangalore city. Frequent power cuts are the norm here as much as a snake bite. As a kid, this place was like a slice of heaven to my city bred feet. Playing out in the garden with my cousins, pulling water out of the well every morning till my palms were raw & my ribs hurt in the most uncomfortable way, my grandfather who would climb the nearest coconut tree and cut open a coconut whenever I wanted one, these were the things I took for granted as a mischievous, spoilt kid. Now as an adult, the very things that alluded me seem to be problems. As I became more so dependent on technology, I tried avoiding the yearly trips to Mangalore partly because I liked my cocoon of technology and because of the almost 24 hour bus ride there which I'd rather avoid. But this time I decided to take the plunge and visit my ailing grandfather & some of my relatives. Here are some of the photos I took while I was there.

Meet my paternal grandmother, Gracy, who lives in Bombay but visited her homeland after 5 years. This photo was taken at her sister's son's housewarming party.
Spot the mangoes!
This decrepit house belonged to my great-grandmother's cousin and his wife. They both lived well into their nineties.
This creek which passes by my great-grandmother's house looked especially beautiful in the afternoon sunlight. Fun fact: When I was 8 or 9 years old, I fell flat on my face in this very creek. I remember my cousin, who was fishing, drop his net and pull me out of the water before I drowned. My mother enrolled me into swimming classes as soon as we returned home.
This is my cousin, Joshua, who is all of 3 years old and was immensely fascinated with my camera. I clicked this photo when he least expected it.