The Home Label | 4 Uses for a Jewellery Box

It's technically summer here in India but in my head, I'm the mood for Spring! Spring time calls for fresh flowers (groundbreaking!), iced lollies, pretty pastels & of course spring cleaning. So when 'The Home Label' decided to send something over from their Spring/Summer line of products, I couldn't resist! Here's quick history lesson about 'The Home Label' :
Renowned interior decorator Sussanne Roshan has a passion for home d├ęcor and is known for her penchant for design. From running her own store to doing up celebrity homes she has gained immense prowess and experience in the field.
The Home Label is personified by her signature look, which emphasizes cozy, warm and inviting interiors that are accessorized well with layers and artifacts.
“Accessible style” through a selective assortment of unique, high quality, design centric products for the home that are supplemented by engaging information on basics of home styling.
The new line looks so fresh and summery with hints of an old-timey, vintage influence. The Great Gatsby jewellery box seemed like the perfect fit for me especially since The Great Gatsby is one of my favourite books!

I definitely wasn't disappointed when it arrived home. Tightly packed in polystyrene and plastic wrap, 'The Home Label' really makes sure that nothing is broken in transit, which I was definitely nervous about since the box itself is made primarily out of glass. I absolutely adore the worn out mercury finish on the bottom of the box as well! The most obvious use for a jewellery box is jewellery, of course, but I figured that it could definitely have a variety of uses.

Blog Business Cards!

If you follow me on Instagram you might already know that I made some blog business cards. Never did I think that I'd need to buy business cards for my blog! I still can't believe the opportunities I get via this blog plus the amazing people & fellow bloggers I've met so far. You never know who you bump into and who you can connect with. There is no guarantee that a person will remember your name & blog URL. Also, it's a great way to kind of introduce your blog aesthetic to someone new & maybe show-off some of your design skills!
I Google-searched business cards online and Vistaprint popped up. It's a simple site with easy directions. You can use some of their design templates and insert your own text or upload your own image. I like that Vistaprint is quite easy to navigate and that they provide a digital template for your card so you don't have to worry about your card's dimensions & important stuff being cut out. So after making a couple of back & front templates, I asked friends for their opinions and I settled on the final design. I was quite proud of it to say the least!
I ordered 100 cards just to be on the safe side but these turned out so great I might order some more. I paid about ₹350 inclusive of shipping which I guess is a bit expensive for 100 cards but I'm quite happy with the quality. Delivery was pretty quick too, only took 2 days!

Things I'm Obsessing Over #5

♥ This American Highschool Home Ec manual from the 1940's is filled with some quite outdated ways to dress up but some of the tips still ring true today, like this dress remix.

♥ Besides jarring colour schemes and poor blog design there's something that really gets on my nerves and that is incorrect grammar or just too much repetition for that matter. We've all had those moments but The Hemingway app is a good place to start. All you have to do is copy paste whatever you've typed and the app highlights things like a hard to read sentence or too many adverbs. This one's a lifesaver.

♥ This interview of Sarah Jessica Parker in her New York brownstone is a must-see for every SATC fan. I love the little distractions in between questions & how she prances about her apartment which reminded me so much of Carrie!